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The Fullness of Purpose Mission - by Cat…

The Fullness of Purpose Mission - by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski

2 Day Mission + Video Follow Up Program   Fullness of Purpose parish mission is transforming people‚Äôs lives. This event is designed specifically to help re-evangelize the baptized. It was created to...

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Catholic Minute - Bite-size Catholic Videos

  • Fathers Day (Are Dads Replaceable?) - Video by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Family Prayer (Catholic) - Speaker Ken and Janelle Yasinski
  • Pentecost Sunday 2018 (Life Changing Love) - Catholic Video by Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Catholic Parenting (Tell Your Kids This) - Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • How To Overcome Resentment, Anger, Bitterness (4 Steps) - Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Catholic Speaker: Parish Evangelization 2018 (Parish Mission)
  • Catholic Parenting: 4 Reasons To Be Affectionate, Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Parish Mission Catholic Speaker - Ken Yasinski (Lenten Mission and Conference Highlights)
  • Our Lady Of Fatima: 3 Lessons from Fatima Apparitions by Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Fatherhood Matters - Roman Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski (Raising A Catholic Family) 2018
  • Mother Teresa Quotes - Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski Inspirational quotes by St Teresa of Calcutta
  • Living A Life of Meaning: Roman Catholic Beliefs Explained Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • A GREAT WAY TO LIVE: Live the Now Moment (Roman Catholic video)
  • Roman Catholic Salvation: 3 Things Taught By The Catholic Church: Speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Eucharist: Catholic Mass Renews Our Relationship With God (Parish Mission Speaker Ken Yasinski)
  • God Where Are You? Pain, suffering and a better future (video by  parish mission speaker)
  • How to Start Over With God: 3 Steps by parish mission speaker Ken Yasinski
  • Forgive Yourself - Catholic Video by Speaker Ken Yasinski

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Speaking fultime since 1999.  Serving a variety of audiences - Parishes, Conferences, Retreats , Spiritual Develop for School Districts, Young Adults Events, Youth Conferences

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