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Catholic Speaker, Ken Yasinski

2 Day Mission + Video Follow Up Program


Fullness of Purpose parish mission is transforming people’s lives. This event is designed specifically to help re-evangelize the baptized. It was created to help participants encounter Jesus Christ, and become his faithful disciple. 

Talking about the mission of the Church, is not the same as participating in the mission. This 2 day event does not talk about “evangelization”, it is a tool for the New Evangelization.  

There are four critical components to this event which makes it a very unique experience for the parish:  

1) Proclamation   2) Adoration 3) Invitation  4) Follow-Up

1) PROCLAMATION: A clear and simple proclamation of the Gospel.  

People will not respond to Christ unless they can recognize how Jesus is personally relevant. Each presentation in the mission is specifically created to demonstrate the life changing power of the Gospel. 

Ken’s dynamic presentation style has been developed over 19 years of full-time speaking experience. He effectively engages people of all ages.  He makes use of many personal stories and analogies to communicate the personal love of God, and inspires participants to respond to the invitation of Jesus. 

The content of each presentation is not theoretical theology.  People can’t respond to something they don’t understand. The message is every-day practical spirituality, in simple language.

2) ADORATION : An opportunity to encounter Jesus. 

To know Jesus we must be introduced to Him and encounter His love! In the words of St. John Paul II, “sometimes even Catholics, have lost or never had the chance to experience Christ personally.” Let’s change that!

Musical Eucharistic Adoration is an effective way to facilitate an environment to help people encounter Christ.  For 15-20 mins, Ken leads participants in songs of adoration, pray and silence before Jesus exposed in the blessed sacrament.  This can be a very powerful and moving time for participants, especially when followed up after a preached message. This is where people encounter him. 


3) INVITATION: An opportunity to commit to Christ

From our experience over the last 19 years, we have recognized a very large number of Catholics have never made a conscious commitment to live for Christ. We should not be surprised if Catholics leave the faith, if they have never committed to live the faith.

“Conversion means accepting, by a personal decision, the saving sovereignty of Christ and becoming his disciple.”Pope John Paul II, Encyclical Letter Mission of the Redeemer(1990) 46.

During adoration participants are invited to make a personal act of faith to commit themselves consciously to Christ.  For some, this is a renewal of a commitment that is already alive in their life.  But often for others, this is first time they may be aware of this type of commitment. The invitation to commit is key in the process of evangelization.  

4) Fullness of Purpose Follow Video Series: 6 Sessions

One problem with having a wonderful faith inspiring event is what happens after. Often there is nothing.  Why? It is a lot of work! Pastors are busy, parish staff are already stretched, and resources are limited.  We wanted to overcome all these obstacles for you by providing follow up after the parish event.  And the great thing is, we do all the work for you at no additional cost!

How Does It Work?

At the event participants will be given instruction on how to access the online “Follow Up Videos Series.”  In each video session Ken gives teachings that are specifically designed to build upon the Fullness of Purpose event.  They are created help people in their on going conversion to Christ to become his disciple.

These videos could be watched as a group in the parish, or individually. Accompanying these videos will be discussion/journal questions. All of this content is accessible online through video streaming. 

After 6 weeks, participants who have signed up for the “Fullness of Purpose Follow Series”, will continue to receive our Catholic Minute: short bite-sized faith formation videos, released approximately every two weeks from our YouTube channel.  

We have taken great care and effort to provide this service for your parish to more effectively reach souls for Christ. 


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