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What is the Purpose of My life?

Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski examines life’s most important question, “What is the purpose of my life.”  The presentation will help audiences gain a greater appreciate for God’s personal love, that they were created for a great divine purpose, that life is unnecessarily difficult and unfulfilling when Jesus is not the centered of our lives.  This presentation also examines the question if we have come to a personal decision of faith in Christ. 

Note:  This talk is an ideal presentation at the beginning of a conference, mission, or as a single standalone presentation for a parish or school


A Conversion Story – Written by Jesus

From despair to meaning, audiences will be taken on the journey as Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski shares his struggles of finding meaning and purpose in life.  Growing up Catholic, Ken did not truly appreciate what he had in the Catholic faith until a few difficult experiences as a young adult brought him back home to Christ and His Church.  Audiences will be reminded that we are built for relationship with God, that the fullness of that relationship is experienced in the Catholic Church, and that He alone can satisfy the deepest longings of the human heart.

Note:  This talk is an ideal presentation at the beginning of a conference, mission, or as a single standalone presentation for a parish or school.


Finding Joy

Dynamic Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski unpacks an essential ingredient to experience a life of joy.  This presentation will help audiences understand that selfishness ruins us, but love fulfills us, and that love must be expressed through our services to others.


The Best Life We Can Live

In this presentation, Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski helps audiences understand God’s ultimate plan for their life is sainthood.  Misconceptions about sainthood will be shattered and three practical principles on sainthood will be shared.  These principles will empower audiences to living extra ordinary lives in ordinary circumstances. 


Living With An Eternal Perspective

Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski reflects on living with the end in mind, by sharing some person experiences that brought him close to death.  Audiences will be challenge to reassess their priorities in life.


Freedom Through Forgiveness

In this presentation, audiences will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Ken will share is his personal life changing experience of meeting Christ in this sacrament and also give four convincing reason to participate in this sacrament, This presentation can be a standalone talk, but is also excellent when preparing an audience to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation.


The Power of Prayer & Fasting

Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon two life changing decisions that we can all make to grow in intimacy with Christ.  Audiences will be given reason on why pray and fasting are critical to grow in our relationship with Christ, and given two simple methods of prayer and shared two benefits resulting from the disciple of fasting.


Prayer:  It is not an option

In this presentation Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski inspires audiences to a daily pray life. Audiences will be remind of the essentialness of prayer, taught practical methods of prayer, and here inspirational testimony highlighting God’s generosity and extravagance encountered through pray.


Note: This talk contains some content found in “The Power of Prayer and Fasting”, but in addition Ken shares more methods of prayer and personal stories.


Fasting: The forgotten Discipline

Audiences will be inspired through this presentation about the absolute importance of fasting in the spiritual life.  Ken shares very personally how his ministry was transformed through fasting and how he grew in his understanding of this discipline within the Church.  This is a very practical talk where audience we be challenged to bring their relationship with Christ to a new level. 

Note: This talk contains some content found in “The Power of Prayer and Fasting”, but Ken offers a more detailed explanation on fasting from scripture and shares more personal stories.


A Life Giving Choice:  Forgiving Others

Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon the decision to forgive those who have crucified us.  Audiences will be convicted about the important of forgiving others through by examining Sacred Scripture and the Catechism, here a check list of signs and symptoms of unforgiveness, clarify what is forgiveness is and what it is not, then given a practical exercise to walk through unforgiveness. 

Note: This talk is a standalone talk, or Ken could facilitate a forgiveness exercise that would take an additional 40-60 minutes. 


Come with Faith - Getting More Out of the Mass

Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski will inspire audiences to be participators and not spectators of the Holy Mass.  The audience will have different parts of the mass explained in a simple yet profound way that will enable a deeper participation, and be reminded of the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist with references to Sacred Scripture and the magisterial teaching of the Church.


When the Storm Comes

All of us experiences hardships life.  How can we stay encouraged through discouraging circumstances?  Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon the gospel account of Peter walking and sinking in the midst of the storm.  Audiences will gain a fresh perspective on the purposes of trails, how to respond appropriately to them, and be encouraged in the faithful love of God.


What Happens When I die?

Heaven is for real, so is hell and purgatory.  Dynamic speaker Ken Yasinski will reflect upon what happens when we die plus heaven, hell, and purgatory with references to Sacred Scripture, the Magisterium, and the mystical experiences of two Doctors of the Church St. Catherine of Sinea, St. Teresa of Avila, plus the writings of St. Faustina.  This is an informative an encouraging talk on God’s ultimate hope for our lives.


Who is Jesus?

There are many different perspectives on Jesus.  Not all people or all religions believe the same thing about Him.  Who is right?  Catholic speaker, Ken Yasinski will reflect the on the claims Jesus made about himself, and the reason why those claims can be trusted. 

Note:  This talk is an ideal presentation at the beginning of a conference, mission, or as a single standalone presentation for a parish.


Five Expressions of Love

To be Christ like means to love. But how is love practically communicated to those around us? In this humorous presentation, Ken breaks down five practical expressions of love.  Audiences will be challenged to grow in the gift of love by giving it away.  This presentation has an emphasis on loving family members.


Becoming A Living Thank you

Catholic Speaker Ken Yasinski will share an inspiring message aimed at improving the way we see every circumstance so that our lives can better glorify God, and bless others.  Audiences will learn of some physical and emotional benefits of gratitude, and why gratitude is an important mind set in our spiritual walk of holiness. 

Note:  If time permits, this presentation can end with a meditation designed to teach people to cultivate an attitude of praise and thanksgiving. 


Rediscovering Our Catholic Identity

When do not understand who we are we cannot live properly.  Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon what is the deepest identity of what it means to be Catholic, by examining Church teaching (Pope Paul VI’s encyclical: “Evangelization in the Modern World” and Pope John Paul II’s encyclical: “Mission of the Redeemer”)  .  Audiences will be challenged to live according to the mission of the Church, learn what it meant by the term “New Evangelization,” and be inspired about the about the necessity for all to share their faith through actions and words.

Note:  This talk could be follow-up with the workshop on “Developing a Personal Testimony.”


Developing a Personal Testimony (workshop)

We are all called to share our faith by virtue of our baptism, but sometime we don’t know how.  This workshop is designed to help participants develop a 5-7 minute personal testimony in order to share it with others.  This workshop combines a short teaching, quite time to prayerfully develop a personal witness on paper and as time permits, time to practice sharing their testimony with other participants.


God Has no Limits! – Gifts of Holy Spirit

God gifts each member of His Church for His greater glory.  With reference to Vatican II, Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski will deliver a practical and balanced teaching on the gifts of the Holy Spirit as listed in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 (healing, tongues, prophesy, knowledge, discernment of spirits, interpretation of tongues..ect).  Ken will share many personal stories to teach on each of these gifts.

Note: This talk is best suited for events where the leadership has knowledge of this area of Catholic spirituality, and can follow up with audience members.


Mary, Our Perfect Model of Surrender

Catholic speaker Ken Yasinski reflects upon the life of Mary, the Mother of Jesus.  In this presentation the audience will journey through the different stage of life Mary, and be inspired to a deeper trust in God’s providence. Have we laid our life down before Christ as Mary did?



Hearing God’s Voice

The spiritual life is exciting when we realize God is leading us down the path he has chosen for us.  Audiences will here five practical balanced ways in which God speaks and reveal Himself to us.


The Father’s Love

Focus:  To examine the unconditional love of God the Father. 

Key point: God loves us as we are but loves us too much to leave us this way.


The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit

Focus:  To examine how the graces of Confirmation often remain unrealized even though the form of the sacrament is legal and valid. 

Key point:  Have we given consent to the Holy Spirit to transform our lives?


The 5 Effects of Confirmation

Focus:  To examine the effects of confirmation as stated in the Catechism and put into everyday relevant language.


The Blessing of Being Catholic

Focus:  To examine where Catholics look to get answers in the areas of faith and morals and why? 

Key Points: Jesus instituted the Catholic Church, which is not insufficient.  Catholics are bible believing, magisterial trusting and apostolic loving Christians because this is what Christ purposed.  The fullness of truth subsists within the Church.



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